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Ten Tips That Will Improve Your Immune System

Your immune system has a big task. Through a complicated system of various components in the blood stream and lymphatic system it fights off invasion from viruses, germs and keep you from succumbing to various sickness and disease.

Because your immune system plays such a vital role in regards to your health, you should do everything you can to keep it functioning at the highest level. Here are ten ways you can help your immune system protect you from foreign substances that cause illnesses.

  1. Replace processed foods as much as possible with a variety of whole foods. This includes foods that can be eaten straight from nature such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Replace saturated fats with healthy fats found in olive oil and other vegetable oils. Eat lean proteins, and whole grains as well. Eating a large variety of fresh foods will provide the combination of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system and other bodily processes.

  2. Learn about the specific immune-boosting qualities of individual foods. For instance fresh garlic has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Yogurt contains probiotics that help keep maintain the correct types of bacteria essential for proper function of the intestines.

  3. Practice good hygiene. Simple steps such as washing your hands after using the bathroom and before eating can have a profound impact on your health. Your immune system will have fewer battles to fight if you focus on basic precautions such as these.

  4. Get a sufficient amount of sleep every night. Six to eight hours per night is the normal recommendation. Your immune system functions best when it has time to rest and regenerate. Inadequate sleep over a period of time can reduce your ability to fight off cold, flu and other infections.

  5. Be physically active on a daily basis. Even light physical activity such as walking stimulates immune system activity by increasing the production of macrophages, which are cells that attack and destroy bacteria. One instance of exercise creates this effect for a few hours, and regular exercise extends this time period even further.

  6. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is important to insure proper immune system functioning. The traditional recommendation has been to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. The correct amount of water depends on activity level so more than that amount may be necessary. Water is essential for flushing toxins from the body and replenishing lymphatic fluid which transports white blood cells and other immune cells all over your body to fight infection and disease.

  7. Reduce your exposure from ingestion, inhalation or external contact to substances that are known to cause cell damage and immune system stress. This includes things such as nicotine, smoke, excessive alcohol consumption, pesticides and chemicals in skin care products.

  8. Get daily fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight is necessary to allow your body to synthesize the production of Vitamin D, which prevents susceptibility to infection. Breathing fresh air brings oxygen to every part of your body, which fights a variety of illnesses, infections and diseases.

  9. Reduce your sugar consumption and eliminate chemical sugar substitutes. large amounts of sugar over-stresses the immune system, making it more difficult to fight off colds and infections. Locally produced honey is a much healthier sweetener and fresh fruit can help satisfy your sweet tooth.

  10. Take care of your mental health. Anxiety and depression lower your immune system’s activity. Learning to take responsibility for your feelings and behavior and making decisions based on facts and rational information rather than emotions will go a long way to insure your immune system is doing it’s job efficiently.

Your immune system fights on a moment by moment basis for you. It has a tough job to do already, so help it function at its peak. Do what you can to assist your immune system by following these 10 simple tips.

Watch the video below to learn about foods that support your immune system 

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