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Here’s Me In a Nutshell

Some may think my story is a little disjointed since my current business has nothing to do with the main career I worked at most of my working life.  So I explain as best as I can.

For the last fifteen years I’ve been an Independent AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricant Dealer and co-owned a lube shop and auto service center for three years.  I currently market my AMSOIL business for the most part on the internet and through social networking.  You will find a post category in the menu area that consists of information about that business.

I am also a retired Registered Nurse and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  The first ten years of my Nursing career were in cardiac care, intensive care and the emergency room.  After that I began work as a mental health nurse and alcohol treatment specialist.  I served six years in the USAF as an RN in the mental health and alcohol treatment areas.  After leaving the Air Force I obtained certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and earned a Master’s Degree from St. John’s University in Louisiana.

My wife is a Psychiatrist and after receiving my Hypnotherapy degree and certification I used hypnotherapy as a treatment modality for specific patients in her practice.  This included treatment of individuals suffering from various forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Weight loss Issues, addiction and self-esteem problems.

I’m now retired from active practice as an RN and Hypnotherapist and instead write articles about various health and wellness subjects for this website.  I also play a little golf, like to fish, and spend time with my wife and our family of dogs.  Clock making and Metal Smithing are also interests of mine so you may see an occasional post about those hobbies.

If you would like to contact me you can do so in the comment section of any page or post.  Just state your name and what you want to discuss and I will communicate with you by email, or if you prefer you can give me a phone number and best time to call.  I also can be reached on Skype.  My Skype ID is thom.wofford

Thanks for checking in!

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